ARCHI_Lab in Tøyen, Oslo!


Action research time! ARCHI Lab has been selected and will receive funding Bydel Gamle Oslo district government to design and run a participatory place activity in Tøyen, contributing to their urban renewal project Tøyensatsingen. This project will be headed by Melissa with support by Amritha and Heather, and offer Tøyen residents a chance to share their stories and hopes with each other in a public yard between social housing and the K1 Activity House. We are looking forward to impacting and learning from this project on a site that Melissa has become excited about through her research after having been a Tøyen resident.

We hope to link the project to NMBU’s Center for Landscape Democracy and will be recruiting volunteers to help us out on site – setting up, explaining instructions, and guiding participants – take contact with Melissa if you are local and interested! Alle er hjertelig velkomnen!


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