Sørli Lekeplass – report delivered

report coverARCHI_Lab has finished their first project in Norway – an in-place participation activity reported to Bydel Gamle Oslo’s urban renewal team. The project was also presented at the European Network of Housing Researcher’s 2015 conference in Portugal this June under a workshop entitled “Residential Environments and People.” A special thanks to all of the volunteers involved in the project, and to the community members who took part! The report (in Norwegian language is attached here). Sørli Lekeplass – RAPPORT

ARCHI_Lab in Tøyen, Oslo!


Action research time! ARCHI Lab has been selected and will receive funding Bydel Gamle Oslo district government to design and run a participatory place activity in Tøyen, contributing to their urban renewal project Tøyensatsingen. This project will be headed by Melissa with support by Amritha and Heather, and offer Tøyen residents a chance to share their stories and hopes with each other in a public yard between social housing and the K1 Activity House. We are looking forward to impacting and learning from this project on a site that Melissa has become excited about through her research after having been a Tøyen resident.

We hope to link the project to NMBU’s Center for Landscape Democracy and will be recruiting volunteers to help us out on site – setting up, explaining instructions, and guiding participants – take contact with Melissa if you are local and interested! Alle er hjertelig velkomnen!


Child-friendly infrastructure development

Amritha is serving on an advisory panel to promote child-friendly infrastructure and better, safer playgrounds in Delhi. She made a presentation with ARCHI_Lab input in mid-June about design precedents and approaches for child-friendly spaces which was well received. We will build further upon this knowledge with future public space work!

Upcoming projects: Satoli Village

ARCHI Lab will be working with an Indian non-profit, Aarohi over the coming months in the Himalayan village of Satoli, Uttarakhand, India. Amritha has laid the ground work for our contribution in the design of a third floor addition to a local school, and to aid in the development of a local home-stay program to encourage tourism and local livelihoods. Melissa and Amritha will be visiting the site later in September to begin an image library of local resources and inspiration – until then, here is a sneak peak of our site!


ISOCARP Young Planning Professionals Workshop 2013

ARCHI Lab will be repressented at ISOCARPs Young Planning Professionals Workshop this year in Brisbane, Austrailia. Melissa was chosen to participate in the international workshop that hopes to re-envision Brisbane’s waterfront area over a week in October. http://www.isocarp.org/fileadmin/data/congresses/2013/Brisbane_Workshop_Brief_.pdf

While in Austrailia, she will also be presenting the first paper from her PhD project – a framework for understanding the socio-materiality of places. The paper has been published online and will be included in ISOCARPs congress proceedings.

Field_Notes contribution

Field_notesThanks to an inspiring collaboration with the Finnish Bioart Society, Melissa has had an article published in their book, Field_Notes – From Landscape to Laboratory – http://bioartsociety.fi/archives/2240. Her contribution is a piece about place titled – “Learning from Locality: A Critical Consideration of the Uncontrolled.” Many thanks to the editors for their hard work in translating, editing and graphically laying out this gorgeous book!

Analyze-Design-Build Workshop 2013

ARCHI_Lab is partnering with SpaceMatters to present an interdisciplinary Workshop in Uttarakhand, India this summer. Students from architecture, landscape architecture, planning and industrial design will be invited to take part in action-research for a vocational school project.

The workshop will result in built elements that will become part of the existing community, and research which will be logged in an open-source resource on means of building in the Himalaya region.

Check back soon for details!

Traditional arts and building trades

ARCHI Lab is trying to support fading regional talents in the arts and building trades in India. Step 1- locate remaining experts and document skills, Step 2- find willing and able apprentices, Step 3- assist in funding new mentorship programs to train apprentices, and Step 4- encourage inclusion of the trades in ongoing construction and design work. Wish us luck!